The Widows Sons International is a motorcycle riding association comprised of Master Masons who share the passion for Motorcycling. We are not a gang, 1% club, or MC, nor do we intend disrespect to any.

We are under Charter from the Widows Sons International, and are an active member of the Widows Sons Alliance. The Widows Sons Masonic Riders have been well received by both the public and our non-riding brethren throughout the world, and our existence as an effective charitable fund raising organization is increasing year to year. We are non-brand specific, however, you must have a motorcycle of at least 500cc. Our main goal is to have fun and fellowship while riding together, and to serve as an asset to our Fraternity, its Members, and our Widows and Orphans.



The Widows Sons can be found raising Masonic Awareness through our participation in various public events; Charity runs; and parades, and from wearing of our distinct patches, which will easily identify us at these events or on the road. Anywhere you see a member wearing his patches, you are encouraged to approach us with any questions about the Widows Sons, or Freemasonry in general. It does not matter where you live, as Freemasonry is widespread throughout the world, we can direct you to a Lodge near you. If you find yourself interested in Freemasonry, or are already a Mason and ride, or are considering riding, and would like to become a Member of the Widows Sons, please contact us via the contact page.